Microwave Frequency Protection

When a carrier decides to build a new terrestrial microwave path, the FCC requires prior coordination in shared bands.

A coordination contour, defined in accordance with FCC procedures around each transmitter and receiver, provides a basis for deciding which carriers have existing or planned facilities in the selected frequency band, and therefore deserve notification

Consequently, all microwave and satellite carriers within the coordination contour must be notified through a prior coordination letter.

The date of issuance of the prior coordination letter represents the point in time past which, this new planned terrestrial path must be taken into account by subsequent transmitters.

For an existing or planned earth station, which was prior coordinated before this new terrestrial transmitter, the earth station is entitled to be protected from interference. Consequently, if the new terrestrial microwave transmitter will interfere with the earth station, regardless of whether the earth station has been physically constructed or not, the earth station can be protected.

This may require interference mitigation procedures on the terrestrial microwave facility, or it could mean that the new microwave transmitter cannot be licensed.

Micronet provides the frequency coordination service for their clients, in order to obtain a license from the FCC to allow operation of a new facility.