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This site has been designated by the Federal Communications Commission as an official site for registering microwave links in the 71-76, 81-86 and 92-95 GHz bands.

Steps to begin transmitting in 70-90 GHz Band.
1 Obtain a nationwide license by filing an online application through the FCC's  Universal Licensing System .

Contact us if you would like us to perform this step for you. Once you have obtained this license from the FCC, you will be able to register any number of links throughout the United States.

2 Create a new login on this web site
3 Input your link data  and click register.

Micronet Advantages
bullet   One simple interface to manage all of your links whether or not they were originally registered through us
bullet   We electronically coordinate with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to verify non interference with government links and quiet zones in this band
bullet  We validate your data to ensure all regulatory requirements are met
bullet   Your links are automatically checked for any potential interference with all other registered links
bullet   We provide free search tools to display link data on all registered links in this band.  Our database is updated in real time for links registered through other third party database managers.
bullet   Micronet has over 30 years of experience engineering point-to-point Microwave links

About this Frequency Band

On October 16, 2003, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established rules to allow use of this millimeter wave spectrum by both federal and non-federal users. This band is ideal for very high capacity data traffic between two points up to about a mile apart (or more depending on reliability considerations). The very narrow beams at this frequency mean an almost unlimited number of links can coexist in the same geographic area. The biggest advantage is that with 13,000 MHz of spectrum, links can operate at multiple gigabits per second data rates which is comparable to fiber optic speeds.

The rules for this band allow a company or other entity to operate any number of point-to-point microwave links/paths by obtaining one nationwide call sign from the FCC. Once this is done, a new link can be added by simply registering the link information through Micronet's Link registration web site.

For more information

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