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Construction Deadlines Near?
This page provides a short explanation on the process of filing the FCC 601 Schedule K form. If you are reading this your company probably has some point to point microwave licenses that have upcoming construction deadlines. Micronet Communications can take care of filing your 601 Schedule K forms, and if needed file petitions for reconsideration and requests for deadline extension. Enter your FRN or Call Sign below to generate a list of licensed frequencies and their associated construction deadlines.
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The FCC 601 schedule K form (construction notification)
This form notifies the FCC that your license or some component of your license is constructed and operational. When a license is granted by the FCC, each frequency is assigned a buildout deadline, whereupon the licensee must have completed construction and have started operation. It is of utmost importance to file schedule K forms, otherwise your license could be terminated if no action is taken. If a link has been constructed but you fail to notify the FCC before the deadline, your license or certain frequencies will be placed in "Termination Pending" status. To prevent termination you will need to file a "Petition for Reconsideration" with the FCC.

Contact us by phone or email and we can help you sort things out and complete your schedule K forms quickly and properly. In addition, we can monitor your licenses and keep track of required deadlines to help you avoid these issues in the future.

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